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Ratin Pirate Coin
Carlos Enrique Aranda-Ramos

I'm very satisfied with the purchase. Both its quality and design are fantastic. I have received countless compliments for it. Shipping was efficient and safe. Widely recommended!!

Freeman necklace.

It is beautiful. I can’t take it off. It was a must buy for me. The shipping and delivery gave me a couple problems, but well worth it when we finally got it. I absolutely love it!

The Wave

The quality is very nice

Ratin Pirate Coin
Jochen Tuerck


Ratin neckles

Can somwone telle the lenght in cm ?
Greets Hans Peter


Good quality necklaces, happy to decided to buy it!

Tahitian Single Pearl
Alma miriam Schmid Charvat


Ratin Pirate Coin
Rod Williamson
Great buy

Very happy with the quality, exactly what was in the video

Moana Side Pearl
Pirita Kervinen
Moana treasure

Thank you, I really liked it and got exactly what ordered. No bad suprises :) I am happy, and will use it every day at my Lucky Medal, when I'll traveling around the world.
One little weirdness was leather yarn, I didnt know how to balance it shorter way to use.. but now it's knottet somehow.. pirate style right? 😀
Very nice Moana treasure!


3 Pearl Necklace
Ernest Bustamante

Bought Two for my love and myself, we loved them haven't taken them off since. We wear them to the gym and our hikes!

Argento Pirate Coin
David Pacheco

It’s a wonderful piece of jewelry! High quality. Love it!

Argento Pirate Coin
Summer Helms
Gorgeous piece of jewelry!

I bought this for my boyfriend and its looks so sexy wearing it! Big mahalo!

Argento Pirate Coin
Anthony Norris

Awesome product

Hanna B
History everywhere I go

This necklace has been amazing, so many friends wonder where I got such a thing. I haven’t experienced any rusting or skin reaction, which is a relief since my skin is so sensitive to metal. When I explain to others about my necklace, I get to tell a epic story about a family sailing around the world and finding special treasure, and now is a piece of artistic history. Thanks Pirate of Love 💗

Marianne Jenkins
Must have pendant for any collection!

Recently bought the Freeman necklace, and it's an incredibly stunning addition to any collection! This creatively crafted pendant is simply beautiful and was delivered remarkably fast, even amidst the busy holiday season. I'm thoroughly impressed and pleased with this purchase. I'm eagerly looking forward to adding more treasures to my collection! :)

Argento Pirate Coin
Travis Jones

Argento Pirate Coin

Argento Pirate Coin
Traci Luteran

I did receive my necklace and Love it very much, Thank you!

One of a kind kind of girl

This ring is awesome, I am very sensitive to different metals besides 925 pure sterling silver , but this ring has been a success. So many girls complement on my bold ring choice. It truly is a treasure of confidence and beauty. Thanks Pirate of Love 😆💗🤙🏼


I have dreamed of a necklace exactly like this for years and years... I could not be more happy with this purchase. It is so comfortable, the leather is amazing, and conditions really well. I am definitely a life long customer!

The quality of the necklace is amazing !!

I love my necklaces because it fits me in every outfit and I love pearls they have this profound power of the Ocean in them.


Great product , great quality, 10/10.. multiple purchases and will continue to buy more!

Ratin Pirate Coin
Marco Noceda
My lucky charm

I was a little skeptical when I placed my order because I had read some complains, it took my order 2 weeks to arrive (I'm traveling in Mexico but it reached my airbnb address without any issues)
The skin was a lighter tone than on the picture, but they said I should wear it and it would get darker as it ages, they also suggested to rub it with olive oil which I did and it did get darker, now it's dark brown (I wear it even when I shower)

I really like it, a friend of mine verified the metal piece and it's indeed 925 Sterling Silver.

Since I wear it all around, people have been making compliments about it and asking where I got it from. It feels like this necklace brought an extra bump in my self-confidence which is great.

Next I'm planning on getting the Argento coin and a pearl necklace.

Not worth the price delivery takes forever

The story behind the brand

I call myself a pirate because pirate in greek means risk and adventure.

I was born on a boat in New Caledonia on an island in the South Pacific Ocean. Since I was born I’ve been traveling with my family or alone. I have been traveling the world by air, road trips, and by boat without making any real plans of where I was going to end up. This is why I call myself a pirate.

I have always been fascinated by the artists and handy craft men that I've met on my journeys. At a young age, I started collecting crafts from all the places I have visited. A lot of them hold real meaning to me and have had a huge impact on my creation.

A big part of my family are artists and have always known that at a certain point in my life I was going to design a jewelry line to share my adventures lifestyle with people and bring love and happiness into their life.

So here are my designs I hope you will like them and hope it will bring you inspiration and help you pursue everything you have ever dreamed of.

I present you pirate of love
by Marco Mignot

Authentic leather

Our pieces are fashioned from authentic, high-quality leather, ensuring a touch of genuine luxury that will last a lifetime.

Premium Genuine Pearls

We use premium quality pearls from the seven seas, carefully chosen for their individual allure, and distinctive beauty.

925 Silver

We craft our coins using the finest 925 sterling Mexican silver to ensure each creation shines with timeless excellence.

About Us

Our pieces are life companions for those who navigate the waters of life with unwavering determination. They are more than just jewelry: They embody the unbreakable spirit.

Our necklaces are strong, but their true power resides within, as each individual contributes their own unique meaning, turning them into symbols of personal strength.

Our quest for excellence is engraved in every piece we create, and our lifetime warranty attests to that. Pirate Of Love is your insignia of adventure.


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